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What You Should Know About Dental Brass Treatment

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19 Feb 2021

What You Should Know About Dental Brass Treatment

What You Should Know About Dental Brass Treatment

What are braces?

What You Should Know About Dental Brass Treatment Medical products used to treat the malalignment disorders in the jaw and tooth structure caused by braces, teeth and surrounding tissues. Instead of dentistry, the name orthodontics can also be used. Braces treatment involves the process of harmonizing the jaw and teeth in a three-dimensional way. Braces treatment is also called orthodontic treatment. There is a great difference before and after braces. It offers good oral health and a better quality of life for individuals of all ages.

What are the colors of braces? 

Producing the braces color according to the patient’s skin color gives better results in general. Bright colors such as red, dark blue or gold are more suitable for individuals with a dark skin, and pale braces such as light pink and light blue are more suitable for individuals with a light skin. Most dentists allow you to choose among many different braces colors on porcelain braces made of white ceramic.

How are braces attached?

The working logic of the braces is to apply continuous force to the teeth for a certain period of time in the determined direction. If the applied force is too much, it will damage your teeth and the tissues around your teeth.

The desired position of the teeth can only be achieved with appropriate and continuous pressure. Brackets are apparatus with holes through which the wires can pass and adhere to the outer surface of the tooth. In other words, brackets are handles used to direct the teeth correctly. The bent wire passing through the brackets exerts a certain pressure on the teeth to return to its normal position. In this way, the teeth gradually come to the desired position. The goal of braces treatment is to straighten the teeth by moving them in the bone. This desired movement cannot be expected to occur in a short time such as a few days. The targeted distance for the teeth to move in a month is 1 or 2 mm.

Braces Tire

Sometimes, patients are asked to use elastic apparatus in treatment. These are called braces. The braces are a simple apparatus that patients can change every day when necessary. These tires with different diameters help the tread to reach the desired position. In order to correct the relations between the teeth, it is necessary to use braces, especially at the last stage of the braces treatment. They can be used between different teeth in the same jaw as well as between two jaws. Since they are made of plastic, loosening occurs over time. For this reason, braces need to be changed every day.

Transparent Braces

Transparent braces are a new form of treatment. It is applied instead of orthodontic treatment with bracket. Also called invisible braces. Bracket braces, which we have heard a lot in the past, are used in treatments, and their appearance is not very pleasant. Besides, the patient cannot be comfortable. Bracket braces have almost come to be removed from the medical literature. As an alternative to this treatment, transparent braces, which have a more aesthetic appearance and can be applied more easily, have become more preferred by patients.

Transparent braces are used to correct incorrect tooth alignment. They are ceramic brackets that are not easily seen by others. Transparent brackets are attached to the tooth surface in this braces treatment. Nowadays, people who prefer this treatment because it is not visible from a distance, are the people who are uncomfortable with the appearance of their braces.

Transparent Braces Prices

Transparent braces prices differ according to the application in a single jaw in 2020 and the application in two places as the lower and upper jaw. We can list the factors that determine the prices as follows: How bad the teeth are, how experienced the dentist is, the brand of the braces used, the quality of the material and the clinic.

How long does braces treatment take? 

The duration of treatment is generally between one year and one and a half years. Braces prices also vary according to this period. This period varies between 6-24 months depending on the bones of the people, the condition of your teeth and the speed of movement. Generally, patients are not promised any pre-treatment period. Because this period depends on the patient’s bone structure.

In addition, transparent plates have been developed to correct disorders in people with aesthetic concerns due to the appearance of the brackets. This treatment, called invisalign treatment, lasts between two months and twenty-four months depending on the condition of the patient’s bone structure.

Braces prices 

Braces prices are determined by many factors. Braces prices are determined separately by TDB every year, as private hospital and state hospital braces prices. Braces prices vary according to the distortion of the teeth in the jaws of the patients and the metal or porcelain brackets used in the treatment. The prices of braces will be different if they are applied to the lower and upper jaws or if they are applied only to the upper jaw (single jaw braces). Braces prices are calculated according to the measurements and calculations made by the dentist during the examination.

Braces prices vary according to the level of treatment required for the patient’s jaw and dental structure. While determining the prices of braces in the treatment of braces, the type of material used, the time when the braces will remain in the mouth and the dentist’s professional experience are very effective. Therefore, it would not be correct to say an exact treatment fee without examining the patient. When braces prices are removed, calculations are generally made according to braces with metal materials. However, a large number of new braces have begun to be produced. Although all of these varieties have distinct advantages, transparent plaques, transparent braces, metal braces and lingual braces basically perform similar functions.

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