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What is Root Tip Resection (root tip surgery)?

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19 Feb 2021

What is Root Tip Resection (root tip surgery)?

What is Root Tip Resection (root tip surgery)?

Root tip resection is a very common surgical procedure applied by physicians in cases where root canal treatment is insufficient. Another name for root tip surgery is root tip resection. Root tip resection is a surgical intervention of the inflamed teeth that occur at the tip of the root and the removal of pathological problems in these areas. At the same time, it is freezing the root canals by cleaning them from bacteria. If there is an abscess in the root of the tooth, pulling the tooth does not solve the problem. Canal treatment should be done first. If root canal treatment is not sufficient, root tip resection is applied. If the pain gets worse after root canal treatment or if the pain continues uninterruptedly, you should consult your doctor immediately. It is a treatment that can be applied to all teeth in your mouth.

How is the root tip surgery (root tip resection) operation performed?

Root tip surgery is performed using local anesthesia and takes approximately 30-40 minutes. This operation is applied in the same way as a tooth extraction or a dental filling treatment is applied. A window is opened over the jawbone in the area where the root of the tooth, namely the abscess, is located. The abscess at the tip of the root is cleaned through this window. If neighboring teeth are affected by the inflammation at the root tip of a tooth, root canal treatment and root tip surgery may be required to include adjacent teeth. If a large gap occurs when the cyst is emptied, the gap is closed with the help of soft tissue stitches. Thus, the root tip resection process ends. Stitches should be removed 7 days after surgery. It is understood that the area has completely healed with the removal of the stitches.

In which situations is root tip surgery applied?

Root tip surgery is applied to patients who have had root canal treatment before and whose treatment results are not positive. If the root of the tooth is broken or stuck in the jaw bone by any physical impact from outside, this treatment is performed. Root tip surgery can be performed when there are factors such as shape or structural tissue that prevent root canal treatment.

What are the points to be considered after root tip resection?

After the root tip resection, do not remove the tampon placed in the area for about half an hour to prevent bleeding. You should not eat until the anesthesia wears off. You should stay away from hot drinks or food for an hour or two. If swelling occurs in the area, you should apply ice every 10 minutes. Until the stitches are removed, you should avoid putting pressure on the treated area.

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