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What is Health Tourism
22 Feb 2021

What is Health Tourism ?

Health tourism is the situation where people leave their own country borders in order to be examined, receive treatment or benefit from other health services and benefit from these services in different countries. Especially the development and cheapness of transportation and communication facilities around the world has led many individuals to seek health activities in different countries. One of the countries preferred as priority in health tourism in Turkey. In particular, investment and development in the field of health in recent years, the scope of health services has led to a lot of citizens living in Europe to prefer Turkey. The countries that prefer our country most within the scope of health tourism are Germany, France, the Netherlands, England and Arab countries.


What areas does health tourism cover?

It would not be wrong to include all kinds of travel and treatment within the scope of health within the scope of health tourism. However, the types of health tourism are divided into four.

  1. Medical Tourism

2.Thermal Spa and Wellness Tourism

  1. Elderly Tourism
  2. Disabled Tourism

Dental health and treatment practices, which are within the scope of medical tourism, are among the most popular health tourism applications recently. One of the reasons why dental health treatments are so widespread is that European countries have covered the dental treatment costs of their citizens, especially due to economic crisis and pandemic processes. Especially, dental prosthesis and dental implants, which are advanced dental treatment methods, are not covered by many European countries and private health insurance companies. Therefore, within the scope of prosthesis and implant applications, which are very costly, our country has become a center of attraction especially for patients who are abroad recently.


Which areas can be treated for patients from abroad?

The fact that dental treatment costs are high in the world and especially in European countries and these expenses are not covered by the state and private insurance companies have caused many European citizens to prefer our country, especially Istanbul and Ankara.


Our guests who prefer us to be treated from different parts of Europe and the world can benefit from the services offered in our hospital in every field. Please click to get detailed information and to see our services. Within the scope of dental treatment, the most preferred areas, especially by our foreign patients, are implant, zirconium coating, bridge and crown prosthesis applications.


Implant Treatment;

Implant treatment consists of titanium screws placed in the jawbone to replace missing teeth and dental prosthesis processes performed on these screws. While the implant screw acts as a tooth root after the application, other teeth do not need to be cut during this process. After the implant application, the patient can easily eat, speak or smile. Implant tooth roots are durable and can be used safely for many years.


Zirconium Crown;

Zirconium crown treatment is ideal for patients with allergies, especially to metal components. Zirconium tooth coating has a white color and is resistant to heat. Another feature of the zirconium coating is that it is light-permeable. In this way, a more natural and more aesthetic appearance is obtained in the teeth.


Bridge, Crown Coverings;

This type of coating is generally applied if the tooth loss is low in patients. In bridge and crown veneers, the tooth is cut by shrinking with a special method and the prosthetic tooth prepared specially for the person is attached to it. These prostheses are mostly applied to the visible parts of the teeth in the mouth and cannot be removed by the patient.

In addition to the dental treatment methods mentioned above, teeth whitening and aesthetic tooth designs are also preferred by some patients.


How much budget should patients from abroad allocate for dental treatment?

The fees of the procedures applied within the scope of dental treatment may differ depending on the patient and the treatment method applied. However, we can easily say that the total accommodation, plane and dental treatment costs of the patients who prefer our hospital for dental treatment and come to Ankara from abroad are quite less compared to the budget they will allocate only for dental treatment in their own countries. Our foreign guests who prefer our country and our hospital can also find the opportunity to benefit from the historical, geographical and natural beauties of our country and spend their holidays here without spending too much budget. Please contact us for detailed information about dental practices performed in our hospital and a price quote.


What should the patients coming from abroad do first?

Your health is paramount to us. We set out with this understanding and as a requirement of this understanding, we offer free pre-diagnosis opportunities to our foreign guests who want to visit our hospital for dental treatment within the scope of health tourism. Our patients abroad who want to have dental treatment, have a Panoramic X-Ray tooth film taken from any clinic or hospital in their country and send it to us via WhatsApp Application (0 552 509 07 80), it will be enough to make a free pre-diagnosis. Thanks to the sent X-Ray film, first the scope of the treatment to be applied to the patient is revealed and the estimated treatment fee is determined. Thanks to the pre-diagnosis application, the patients coming from abroad are prevented from encountering bad surprises and the time loss on behalf of the patients is minimized with this method.

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