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Smile Design – Dental Aesthetics

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19 Feb 2021

Smile Design – Dental Aesthetics

Smile Design – Dental Aesthetics

Smile design; It is an application in which the lips, gums and teeth are evaluated separately and the relationship between them, includes detailed aesthetic analysis, and the shape of the smile is restructured. Smile Design – Dental Aesthetics; By applying aesthetics, dentistry and art together, it creates a special and ideal smile for the face.

What is smile design?

Your teeth have a very harmonious arrangement among themselves and with the soft tissues surrounding them. The essential element of an aesthetic and beautiful smile is our teeth. Your facial features should be examined in detail so that you have more information about how to get a good smile.

Dental aesthetics contains many important elements. These elements; are characteristic features such as the shape of your face, your gender, age, social position, and the length of your hair. Also; The harmony of factors such as lip level, tooth length, gum level, tooth color, tooth alignment, the harmony of the lips and teeth when you smile and the laugh line separately and with each other are very important in aesthetic smile design. Finding the right tooth for your face by combining these features is proportional to both the experience of the physician and your wishes. Your wishes are also important, but you should also rely on the experience of the physician. The main goal is to meet the patient and the physician at a common point.

How is smile design dental aesthetic treatment done?

The treatment methods included in the smile design process; Orthodontic treatment, pink aesthetics, tooth whitening, bonding, porcelain laminated tooth coatings, zirconium tooth and implant dental treatment.

There is a different technique applied in smile design in recent years. This technique is a dental aesthetic rehearsal. At the dental aesthetic rehearsal, you will meet with your aesthetic dentist and see teeth made with special waxes in your mouth. Thus, you develop a smile design by feeling the teeth in your mouth and you can see your smile design without treatment.

With the other new technique, digital smile design, your face and inside of your mouth are scanned. The radiological image obtained with the three-dimensional imaging system is also added. In this way, you will have the opportunity to design a special smile for you by analyzing all aspects.

How much are smile design prices?

Aesthetic smile design price varies depending on the treatment technique. Treatment methods are determined according to your mouth structure, problems that need to be corrected, and your ideal smile that is the most appropriate. The treatment technique to be applied is the most important factor that determines the cost of the treatment. Even bleaching the patient’s teeth may be sufficient to decide on the smile design. However, sometimes a different application may be required. This changes the cost. Smile design prices vary according to the technological facilities in the clinic, the materials used and the treatment method applied.

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