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Orthodontics – Tooth Wire

Ortodonti – Diş Teli

Orthodontics - Tooth Wire

Braces treatment includes all aesthetic procedures performed on the lower and mid-face area, as well as the teeth that affect the appearance of the face. Orthodontic treatment is not mandatory, and sometimes it causes tooth decay in case of advanced collisions. The incompatibility between the upper and lower jaws causes joint problems. Braces treatment is the treatment that eliminates these problems. With a beautiful smile after orthodontic treatment, psychological relaxation and self-confidence in social relationships are gained.

What is braces treatment?

Braces treatment, detection of teeth and jaw with impaired position, early prevention or stopping of the disorder are called all stages of improvement in advanced stages. What does orthodontics mean? A question will come to your mind. Orthodontics is a foreign origin word formed by the combination of the Greek words orthos (to correct) and odont (tooth). The word alone literally reveals its purpose.

How long does braces treatment take?

The duration of braces treatment application of each patient will be different from each other. The patient’s age, skeletal structure, and the condition of his teeth are factors that determine this period. Teeth movements are higher in children than in adults. In case of bone structure disorder in adults, other treatments can be applied besides the wire. In general, braces treatment takes an average of one and a half years. The braces treatment process is painless and comfortable.

How much are braces treatment prices?

In general, braces treatment prices are not very high compared to other treatments. The reason for this situation is that when the distortion of the teeth is wanted to be solved with applications such as prosthesis, not with orthodontic treatment, higher costs than braces treatment prices occur. Therefore, don’t worry if the braces treatment takes a long time. Because having a beautiful smile is worth everything.

After Braces Treatment

After orthodontic treatment, measures are taken by the dentist to prevent the work from deteriorating again. One of these measures is to use a transparent plate and back-attached wire after braces treatment. You should whiten your teeth 1 month after the braces are removed. In this way, tooth enamel sensitivity becomes healthier. At the same time, the gum tissue comes into its own. You can find answers to your questions in our detailed article about teeth whitening, you can use our What You Need To Know About Braces Treatment article to get more detailed information, you can reach us from the WhatsApp support line on all matters concerning your oral and dental health.