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Oral Diagnosis and Dental Radiology

Oral Diagnoz ve Dental Radyoloji

Oral Diagnosis and Dental Radiology

Oral diagnosis is the name given to the process of reaching a diagnosis as a result of a detailed oral examination after examining the patient’s oral x-ray.

Dental radiology, on the other hand, is the most important aid in diagnosing oral diseases related to hard tissue such as jaw and dental bone, tooth films, in other words, dental radiographs.

Oral diagnosis and dental radiology mean intraoral diagnosis. When you go to a dentist in any healthcare institution for an examination, before starting the treatment, a panoramic x-ray is taken to show the jaw and tooth structure by first performing an oral examination. After the x-ray is evaluated, a treatment plan is drawn up. According to this treatment plan, the patient is treated in the relevant department.

In the oral diagnosis and dental radiology method, only decayed teeth or pulled gums are not seen. Diagnosis and treatment of tissue diseases in the mouth such as aphthae, systemic diseases such as Behçet’s or diabetes, which are found in other parts of the body and show symptoms in the tissues inside the mouth, are performed by oral diagnosis and dental radiology.

Radiodiagnostic Methods in Dentistry

  • Digital Panoramic Radiography: It is the technique used to view all teeth in the mouth, the entire bone tissue surrounding the teeth, and the entire jawbone in dental x-ray imaging.
  • Periapical Radiographs: This technique is intranet imaging used to see the images of suspicious situations seen in panoramic radiographs in more detail. Here, only a few adjacent teeth and the bone tissue around these teeth can be displayed.
  • Digital Radiographs (RVG): The x-ray image obtained in this technique is instantly displayed on the computer. In this image, color adjustments and measurements are made when necessary.
  • Computed Tomography (CT, CT): It is the imaging technique used when traditional imaging methods are not sufficient. In this method, which is used to minimize the risk of surgical procedure, it is used with prototyping to create models or guide plates of the relevant areas before surgery.

What is oral, dental and jaw radiology?

In the department of oral diagnosis and dental radiology, which is based on oral tooth and jaw radiology, all teeth and tissues inside the mouth are evaluated. If it is necessary to intervene in the teeth without any complaints, information is given.

In the oral and maxillofacial radiology department, the diagnosis of the disorders in the jaw and mouth area and the treatment to be applied are evaluated clinically and radiologically. Afterwards, a special treatment plan is prepared for the patient. Finally, the treatment of the patient is started by our specialist physician in our clinic.

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