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Prosthetic Teeth

Protez Diş
19 Feb 2021

Prosthetic Teeth

Prosthetic Teeth

Prosthetic teeth are specially produced for each patient. They are artificial teeth that are fully compatible with the jaw structure of the patient, fixed in the mouth or can be easily attached and removed. Prosthetic tooth making is a treatment method applied to individuals who have lost a single tooth or more than one tooth. However, if you have enough decayed teeth to cause tooth loss, if your tooth is broken, if your tooth has fallen out or if the filling has begun to be insufficient, then the most common treatment method is prosthetic tooth making.

What is a prosthetic tooth?

The prosthetic tooth produced in accordance with the personal needs of the individual must fully adapt to the patient’s mouth. The prosthetic tooth should look natural and have an easy-to-use and non-disturbing feature. Prosthetic teeth can be used instead of a single tooth or can be used instead of all teeth.

However, in prosthetic dental treatments, it is primarily aimed to protect the existing teeth remaining in the patient’s mouth. Dental problems can be solved with various treatment methods. Prosthetic dental treatment is applied as a last resort only if the problematic tooth cannot be saved. In prosthetic dental treatment, the main purpose is to restore the chewing function that the patient has lost. In addition, the patient’s quality of life is also increased.

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Prosthetic Tooth Prices

Prices of prosthetic teeth determined by the Turkish Dental Association; It differs according to the type of prosthesis we use in treatment.

  • Full prosthesis (false teeth) is applied in the absence of all teeth. The price of this prosthetic tooth varies according to whether it is a single jaw and whether the prosthesis is cast metal skeleton into the tooth.
  • Hooked partial dentures are applied to eliminate partial tooth deficiencies. Price; It is determined at different levels depending on the partial prosthesis application using a single chin or cast metal.
  • The price of precision attachment prosthetic teeth such as snap-fastening prosthetic teeth is determined according to the condition of coating the supporting teeth.
  • The price of implant supported removable denture is also determined according to the single jaw and precision connection process.

Prosthetic Teeth Types

1.  Fixed denture teeth

Fixed denture teeth fixed to implants or natural teeth in the mouth do not need to be inserted and removed.

This treatment method can be used in tooth deficiencies caused by one or more teeth. The most commonly used fixed dentures are tooth coating and bridge tooth.

2. Denture (Removable denture)

As the name suggests, it is a prosthetic tooth that does not remain fixed in the mouth and can be removed when necessary. It is a prosthetic tooth that is supported by a few teeth or implants in the jaw, also called denture.

Movable Denture (Denture) Teeth Types

    • Total prosthesis (Complete palate)
    • Removable partial denture (Hooked prosthesis)
    • Snap prosthesis teeth (Precision attachment)
    • Removable denture on implant

Palate Prosthesis

It is used when all teeth of the patient are missing. It is made only with support from the palate. Therefore, the names “full denture” or “palate tooth” are also used. Individuals can easily remove the palate prosthetic teeth themselves. They can do prosthetic dental cleaning themselves. People who use palate prosthetic teeth are the patients who need implants most among the types of removable dentures. The only area where prostheses can hold is toothless palate. For this reason, palate prosthetic teeth often move out of place. In such cases, it may be necessary to use denture adhesive to fix the denture teeth. Generally, the comments of prosthetic teeth users are that they need a long adjustment period.

Hooked Prosthetic Tooth

When the patient loses most of his teeth and there are not enough teeth left to make a fixed bridge tooth, using a removable partial denture may be the only option. Chewing pressure is transmitted to the jawbone.

Thus, hooked prosthetic teeth are attached to solid teeth with hooks named prosthetic crochet. Hooked concern also comes from here.

Snap Prosthetic Teeth 

In these teeth, whose real name is precision attachment prosthesis, support is obtained from both the palate and the existing teeth. The most important difference and advantage of these types of prostheses compared to hook prostheses is that they have pins and slots placed in the skeleton base. Thus, there are no hooks that will disturb the patient. In this way, it offers an aesthetic appearance. Sensitive dentures are tighter to attach to teeth. In this way, the holding feature is more and more comfortable. Previously, prosthetic teeth were only supported by angular teeth. Nowadays, the front teeth are also covered and the support pad has gained both an aesthetic appearance and a more durable structure.

Implant Removable Dentures  

The constant displacement of the prosthesis is actually the most common problem encountered when using non-tooth teeth. Small screws called implants are placed in the jawbone in order to keep some protuberances in the desired place in the mouth. Information about the prostheses to stay in place and to attach to these screws, which serve as an artificial tooth root.


Prosthetic Teeth Advantages  

The prosthetic tooth gives your body the comfort you lost. If the patient’s age prosthesis teeth, teeth, gums and surrounding tissues are damaged or lost for different reasons. In this way, the patient regains the teeth in the mouth, where the digestive system begins, and attains a healthy chewing activity. Prosthetic teeth allow the individual to improve his speech. It gives the person a more aesthetic appearance. It continues at the same time. In addition, patients, psychological illnesses are also saved for changing or damaged teeth. Eating and talking that occurs with tooth deficiency is eliminated. The digestive system disorders caused by the lack of teeth due to inadequate chewing are also prevented. It is also a treatment method to ensure the health of existing tissues.

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