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Porcelain Tooth Coating

Porselen Diş Kaplama
22 Feb 2021

Porcelain Tooth Coating

Porcelain Tooth Coating

You can imagine how important the position of the teeth in the mouth is. Regardless of the cause, any problem or deficiency in the tooth can be treated. Among the most common cases in children are falls. In such cases, fractures occur in the teeth. In such trauma-induced cases, the deficiency in the tooth is corrected with porcelain teeth. Teeth can regain their old appearance with porcelain treatment. The tooth is completed by applying porcelain teeth instead of the broken part of the tooth in a short time. Dental problems occur not only in children but also in later ages due to the deficiency of minerals such as vitamin D and calcium. In cases of vitamin and mineral deficiency like this, it is seen that the teeth are broken or split into layers. However, the life of the tooth can be extended with porcelain tooth application.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Having a porcelain tooth application is a procedure that has been used very often to beautify the teeth. When you feel uncomfortable with the gaps between your teeth, they are covered with porcelain and the gaps between them are filled. However, the broken area of ​​the teeth is also corrected with a porcelain tooth coating. However, in cases where the loss of space in your teeth is too much, composites such as leaf porcelain or lamina porcelain are used. Your dentist will decide on the treatment method to be used. You will not have any problems when you maintain it regularly and without interruption.

What is porcelain tooth coating?

Completing the tooth with a paste-like composite filling is called a porcelain tooth coating. Porcelain veneers are widely applied prosthetic teeth types when the need for restoration occurs on your teeth. Nowadays, patients have started to prefer this treatment method popularly. Porcelain tooth coating is an aesthetic and reparative treatment process that is made to remove the flaws in the teeth. The shape, color and size of damaged, crooked or spaced teeth are changed with this treatment method. This method gives your teeth an aesthetic appearance. It has a natural appearance that closely resembles tooth enamel. It is long-lasting and durable.

You can get more detailed information from our How to Make Porcelain Tooth Veneer article, you can contact us for all your questions.

How much are porcelain tooth coating prices?

Porcelain tooth coating prices vary according to the treatment method to be applied, the length and size of the procedure. Another factor affecting the change of these prices is the material and amount of the coating to be used. In addition, the number of sessions plays a decisive role in porcelain tooth coating prices. Therefore, porcelain tooth prices are shaped after the first examination when the treatment is applied.

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