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Laminated Tooth Coating

Lamine Diş Kaplama
19 Feb 2021

Laminated Tooth Coating

Laminated Tooth Coating

What is laminated tooth?

Laminated tooth; It is a coating method made with the thinning technique in solid tooth tissue. On the other hand, it is also called ‘leaf covering’. The reason why it is called with this name is that the least thinning technique is used during the application.

It is a prosthetic application made by adhering a thin layer of porcelain material to the front face of the tooth with a little abrasion on the front of your teeth. In the treatment of laminated teeth; Since the porcelain material is prepared in a very thin layer, it is very similar to natural teeth due to its light transmission and reflection. With this feature, it provides an excellent aesthetic appearance. Another important advantage is that the teeth are not cut too much, allowing the tooth, which is an advanced treatment application, to be completely cut and covered with porcelain.

What is laminated covering?

Laminated tooth coating is a porcelain tooth coating on the main tooth. For laminated coating, the main tooth must first be intact. This application is applied to all teeth that are not carious and suitable for laminated tooth coating technique. Laminated veneer is the most suitable type of application for the natural structure of the tooth. It is often preferred because it adapts very quickly to the mouth tissue. Laminated tooth coating, this type of coating applied as a thin layer on the solid tooth, means leaf coating in Latin. It is one of the most protective prosthesis applications due to a light filing on the teeth.

How is laminated tooth coating performed?

Tooth coating treatment methods are highly preferred in recent years. Along with the technological developments, laminated tooth coating and other coating methods are widely applied methods. In laminated tooth coating, treatment should not be initiated without all the necessary treatment procedures. After the treatment, the first thing is to measure the teeth. Laminated tooth coating products, which are produced according to the tooth size taken, are placed on the tooth using special materials.

After the treatment is started, your dentist makes small corrections on the teeth to be treated and a small amount of abrasion if necessary. Temporary veneers are applied to the teeth on the same day. After the preparation of the teeth is completed, your mouth and teeth are measured and sent to the laboratory. The preparation of laminated teeth ends in varying times depending on the number of teeth. Generally, teeth are prepared in 5-7 days. In the appointment after the preparation of the teeth, the size, form and color of the teeth are checked. The veneers placed on the teeth are tested in terms of jaw and closure status. You can check the color and form compatibility with your physician during the trial. If there are any corrections you want to be made in the teeth, you can forward them at this appointment.

If there is no problem with the teeth after the control, the veneers are adhered to your teeth. In order for this application to be healthy, the bacterial plaque and food residues on the tooth surface should be cleaned beforehand. The specially prepared mixture is rubbed on the teeth so that it can hold on to the teeth, and some roughening is made. Then bonding is applied, which ensures that the coating adheres securely to the tooth. Roughening the surface of the coating helps to create a strong bond between the coating and the tooth. The adhesive cement is placed in the coating and the coating is lightly pressed on the tooth. Then the adhesive is cured with the help of blue light.

After the bonding process is finished, the residues are cleaned. Then the joints are polished with special rubbers and the treatment is completed. If the patient has gum problems, it is not correct to apply a laminated tooth coating to the patient.

How much are laminated teeth prices?

Before the treatment, the decays of the teeth to be treated should be treated with filling or root canal treatment. These additional treatments, which should be applied when needed, cause an increase in laminated tooth prices. The content of the dental treatment determines the prices of laminated teeth. Every year, there is a certain increase in laminated tooth prices. Treatment prices also vary according to clinics and hospitals. Price rates are determined according to the physician’s experience, clinical possibilities and the condition of the patient to be treated. The clearest price for this treatment is revealed after the dentist’s examination.

How long is the life of a laminated tooth?

If you do a correct and regular oral care of laminated tooth types, you can use them for years without any problems. The reason for having a long service life is that they are made of porcelain with higher quality properties than other bonding applications. Porcelain is resistant to staining and abrasion. To be long-lasting, you should not neglect oral care.

Is laminated tooth done to everyone?

Laminated dental treatment can be applied to almost everyone. If you are not satisfied with your tooth color and cannot smile comfortably, visit your dentist for laminated tooth treatment. People with gaps between the teeth, those with different tooth sizes, those who want to change the structure and color of the fillings they have made before, those who run away from the dentist’s chair because they are afraid of treatment have this treatment.

Laminated tooth coating is a treatment method that is usually applied to people whose anterior teeth have poor aesthetic appearance. In order for this treatment to be performed, the patient must be over 18 years old. Some situations prevent the application of laminated tooth coating treatment. These situations that prevent treatment; ailments such as nail eating habits, jaw disorder, habit of clenching teeth while sleeping, pen bite, bruxism disease. Laminated tooth coating cannot be applied to patients with such ailments. In addition, patients with high levels of gingival recession are not covered.

How long does a laminated tooth treatment take?

If the patient does not have any dental problems, laminated tooth coating application is completed in 2 or 3 sessions. It ends in approximately 1 – 2 weeks. In the first appointment, teeth are cared for and the measurements of the teeth to be covered are taken. In the second appointment, laminated leaf veneers are placed on the tooth. In the third appointment, the application is generally checked.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of laminated tooth coating?

  1. The treated tooth is not damaged in laminated coating.
  2. Although the treatment process is short, it is long-lasting. No wear and color change.
  3. Laminated tooth coatings do not require any maintenance other than daily oral care. To use the coatings for a long time, it will be enough that you do not disrupt the daily maintenance.
  4. Laminate has a natural appearance like your own teeth because it is translucent.
  5. If very hard objects are tried to be broken with teeth, the laminated coating will be damaged.
  6. You will experience hot-cold sensitivity until the treatment is completed and for a while after the treatment.


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