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How to Clean Tooth Stone?

Diş Taşı Temizliği Nasıl Yapılır?
19 Feb 2021

How to Clean Tooth Stone?

How to Clean Tooth Stone?

What is tartar?

To better understand the tartar cleaning process, you should know what tartar is. You have to consume food to be fed. Before the food reaches the stomach, it is ground by the teeth. These foods that you chew adhere to the teeth in very small pieces and they become petrified. After a while; It causes bad breath, tooth discoloration and decay. To protect your oral and dental health from childhood to adulthood, and to prevent gum diseases and tooth decay, you should do your oral care regularly. Oral and dental care are elements such as regular tooth brushing, use of dental floss, tongue cleaning. You should do these applications after every meal.

How is tartar formed?

Plaques that accumulate on the surface of your teeth turn into tartar over time. The bacteria plaque gradually hardens and turns into tartar.

What is tartar removal?

If oral and dental care is not done regularly, stains or tartar may occur on the teeth. In this case, dentists use special equipment to clean tartar. Tooth stone cleaning; It is also called tartar removal or dental plaque cleaning.

Tooth stone; It can change the color of the teeth in a wide range from yellow to dark brown. Along with the discoloration of the teeth, dental plaques also cause bad breath and tooth decay. Therefore, it is very important to clean dental plaque.

You should definitely have a dentist cleaning tartar. Dentists also clean the residues, plaques, stones, between teeth, outer surfaces and gum frame. Thus, the teeth are cleared of stones and dirt. Tartar removal should be done regularly. Dentists generally recommend clearing tartar every 6 months. If cleaning is done more often, the teeth will be damaged.

How is tartar cleaning done?

If you don’t do regular oral and dental care, stains or tartar can occur. In this case, dentists clean the teeth using special equipment. Before starting the tartar cleaning process, a detailed oral examination should be performed by the dentist. If a problem requiring tooth cleaning is detected after the examination, an appointment is made for a tooth cleaning application. If possible, the cleaning process is done on the same day. When cleaning tartar, tartar and plaques on the tooth surface, various tools are used. Thanks to these tools, tooth enamel is not damaged. It is only effective in cleaning the plaque and tartar covering the tooth surface.

During tartar cleaning, the size of the tartar, whether there is gum disease or not, the size of the discomfort are factors affecting the treatment method and duration.

If the patient has no advanced gum disease, dental calculus cleaning is performed with an ultrasonic device called cavitron. This tartar cleaning, which lasts for 30-45 minutes, is called detertrage. In cases where tartar accumulation is very intense, local anesthesia is needed. In some cases, the patient may even require surgical intervention. This process is called curettage. Since there are too many calculus and oral problems, the session time is prolonged in this type of procedure.

How much are tartar cleaning prices?

If you do not want to encounter dental problems, you can benefit from dental calculus cleaning treatments by specialist physicians. Tartar cleaning prices vary according to many factors. The factors affecting prices are the amount of tartar, tooth stains and the curvature of the teeth. In addition, prices vary depending on the experience of the physician and institutions. In order to have an idea about tartar removal, you can check the examination and treatment fees schedule foreseen to be applied by the Turkish Dental Association in 2020.

Will dental tartar cleaning harm the teeth?

Tartar cleaning does not harm the teeth. Stones formed in teeth are formed by the calcification of bacteria after a while. Bad breath caused by tartar, tooth discoloration, gum ailments, caries, etc. problems harm our oral and dental health. It can even lead to tooth loss in progressive situations. For this reason, cleaning the tartar will be the right thing to do.

Tartar removal at home

When the tartar plaque turns into tartar over time, the toothbrush cannot remove it. “Natural” remedies such as strawberry, vinegar or sesame are sometimes recommended. However, it is not correct to use these ingredients and products. This is because tartar can only be safely removed by your dentist. The dentist uses manual stone removal tools or an ultrasonic device for tartar removal.

Does tartar cleaning hurt?

You will not feel pain or pain during dental calculus cleaning. Because the gums are not damaged and there is no abrasion on the teeth. Bleeding more than expected while cleaning the gums is a symptom of gum sensitivity. In dental treatment performed without anesthesia, there is no situation that will hurt you, except for small pain. Since anesthesia is used in the procedures applied to people with progressive disease, you will not feel any pain.

After Dental Calculus Cleaning

After tartar cleaning, you should pay attention to brushing our teeth with the right toothbrush, the right toothpaste and the right brushing method. You should use dental floss as much as you can and support the treatment with mouthwash. Tartar cleaning and gum care should be done together.

Following dental calculus cleaning:

  • You should visit your dentist every 6 months. Thus, the effect of tartar cleaning lasts longer.
  • There may be slight bleeding in the first days after treatment. Continue using antiseptic mouthwashes, dental floss, and a toothbrush.
  • You can gargle with salt water to get through the healing process.
  • It is normal for those who have dental calculus cleaning to have mild pain. If these pains increase, use painkillers provided by your dentist.
  • Do not eat anything for 2 hours after treatment.
  • There may be hot and cold sensitivity for 24 hours after tartar cleaning. For this reason, you should stay away from hot or cold foods and drinks. If the sensitivity persists for more than a few days, consult your dentist.

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