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Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment; It is a treatment method applied to correct and save the tooth that is damaged or inflamed for various reasons such as damage to the core of the tooth, broken or cracked tooth, deep caries. It is the last preferred treatment method because the tooth has lost its vitality as a result of endodontics treatment.


Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a whitening treatment performed by the dentist to enhance the appearance of your teeth whose color has changed. You will not feel any pain during the treatment. There are two types of whitening methods, office type and home type teeth whitening method. The treatment is terminated in 1-3 sessions.


Laminated Coating

Laminated veneer is a treatment to eliminate aesthetic disorders such as deformation and breakage that occur in the teeth of patients. Laminated veneers are designed very precisely by taking patient-specific tooth measurements and adhered to the surface of the teeth. During the treatment, there may be a temporary sensitivity to hot-cold in the teeth.


Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dentistry, also known as Pedodontics, is dentistry that aims to protect the health of the milk and permanent teeth of children between the ages of 0-14, prevent trauma, caries and similar problems that may occur due to various reasons or to treat the problems that occur. Click for preventive pediatric dentistry applications.


Gum Diseases

Gum disease symptoms are among the most common ailments in the community. Even individuals who have no cavities in their mouths can get gum disease. The cause of gum disease is bacterial plaque. Other causes such as pregnancy, menopause, smoking, medications, malnutrition and stress also lead to gum diseases.


Prosthetic Tooth
Prosthetic Dental Treatment

Prosthetic teeth – prosthetic dental treatment is the procedure of replacing missing or lost teeth for various reasons with artificial teeth. Treatment methods such as fixed restorations, full dentures and partial dentures are applied according to the number and location of missing teeth and the condition of the surrounding tissues. Dental prosthesis prices are determined according to the method applied.


Relax ... Your dentist knows best

Never forget about dental hygiene!

As a company, we attach great importance to hygiene. Ensuring hygienic conditions is our first priority.

Take your time when brushing!

Take your time when brushing! Maintaining oral hygiene and brushing your teeth regularly every day is of great importance for your health.

Have a regular check-up every 6 months.

Going to the dentist for a checkup: It is essential to have a healthy mouth throughout your life.


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    News from the Dental World

    You don't have to brush all your teeth… just the teeth you plan to keep!

    Take care of your teeth and gums!

    Oral and dental health is a very important issue that everyone should be sensitive to. It is inevitable that if the necessary care is not taken in this regard and daily care is neglected, this will result in difficult health problems and heavy treatment costs in the future.

    • Brush as dentists recommend
    • Use ‘all in one toothpaste’
    • Do not neglect to use oral care regularly.
    • Complete your daily dental care with dental floss