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What Should Be Done Before and After Root Canal Treatment?

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27 May 2021

What Should Be Done Before and After Root Canal Treatment?

What Should Be Done Before and After Root Canal Treatment?


What is Root Canal Treatment?

Some treatments may be more sensitive and longer than others in oral and dental health. Canal treatment is one of these treatments. Root canal treatment, which is usually completed in two sessions, can be completed in one or three sessions in some cases. After root canal treatment with local anesthesia, numbness and numbness may occur in the mouth area for up to a few hours.


Teeth with root canal treatment may break because the tooth density changes in the long term due to the removal of the parts that nourish the tooth. Although there is such a danger, teeth that need root canal treatment but not applied are lost. Since root canal treatment is currently a last resort, consulting your dentist before reaching this stage protects your teeth from such risks.

Since root canal treatment is a sensitive treatment, if it is not done very carefully, the patient may have an extremely painful and troublesome process. For this reason, the dentist who applies root canal treatment should work very precisely.


What should be done before root canal treatment?

What should be done before root canal treatment is one of the most curious issues before treatment. Before root canal treatment, ie between sessions, hard shelled foods; sticky foods such as chewing gum and dried fruit; Very hot and very cold drinks such as soft drinks and tea and coffee should not be consumed. There is nothing special that needs to be done before starting the first session of root canal treatment. However, it is recommended that you consult your dentist for questions about what to pay attention to before the first examination.


What should be done after root canal treatment?

Before root canal treatment, as well as after, patients are wondering. The process after treatment is more important than before.

After the treatment, cold or hot foods should not be consumed for at least 2 hours.


Until the filling is fully seated – for two to three days – foods that may stick to the teeth such as chewing gum, dried fruit and caramel should be avoided. It is also necessary to avoid hard foods.


Instead of the treated tooth, try to eat something with the teeth on the other side.

Routines such as brushing teeth, flossing and oral care should be continued after treatment.

After treatment, you should definitely take painkillers prescribed by your dentist. It is very normal to have pain, but taking these painkillers is recommended even if pain does not occur.


If the pain is at an uncomfortable level, you should consult your dentist. In some cases, a pain beyond normal may be experienced due to reasons such as dental infection or abscess.

Due to the risk of abscessing, smoking and alcohol should be avoided for a day.


After root canal treatment, sometimes pain or discomfort may be experienced when chewing food. It will be enough to take painkillers for this. It is also helpful to gargle with salt water two or three times a day to reduce pain.


In addition, filling may sometimes occur between sessions in root canal treatment. It is normal, but you will need to see your dentist for refilling.

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