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Hamilelikte Diş Sağlığı ve Dikkat Edilmesi Gerekenler
27 May 2021

Dental Health and Things to Consider During Pregnancy

There is a widespread and somewhat false belief that dental treatment during pregnancy will be harmful. In addition, there are further misconceptions that the mother will lose calcium and a tooth will decrease during pregnancy. Especially during pregnancy, tooth and gum problems gain more serious importance. Some dental health...

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Porselen Diş Kaplama
22 Feb 2021

Porcelain Tooth Coating

You can imagine how important the position of the teeth in the mouth is. Regardless of the cause, any problem or deficiency in the tooth can be treated. Among the most common cases in children are falls. In such cases, fractures occur in the teeth. In such trauma-induced cases,...

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Hamilelikte Diş Sağlığı
19 Feb 2021

Dental Health During Pregnancy

The belief that dental and gum-related treatments cannot be performed during pregnancy is not true. Hormonal changes during pregnancy can trigger gingivitis and these problems in your teeth can have very serious consequences that can lead to premature birth.

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Diş Beyazlatma Hakkında Merak Edilenler!
19 Feb 2021

Question About Teeth Whitening!

A white smile is everyone's dream! Of some; Either his teeth are yellow or his teeth do not look white because of his frequent consumption of habits during the day. Although teeth are brushed regularly, yellowing cannot be prevented in most cases. What should be done in the face...

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