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A Clinica Health Services and Health Tourism Inc. (A Clinica Dent) was established with the mission of making a difference with pioneering practices in the sector and becoming a world brand in health, in the light of ethical principles, with its distinguished staff and satisfaction-oriented international quality standards service understanding, and accepted its first patient on 24.12.2019.

A Clinica Dent is the address of trust in health with its specialist doctors, healthcare personnel who combine their knowledge and experience with close attention, patient-oriented service understanding, quality policy, diagnostic-treatment units equipped with advanced medical technology, modern, spacious spaces and comfortable rooms.

Dental Implant


A dental implant is roughly a screw made of titanium or zircon that the human body regards as its own part. It is placed in the jawbone and takes on the role of the tooth root. With the additional parts placed on it, the adaptation of the planned prosthesis to the mouth is provided. Implant technology, which was a change before research before the first research to be produced in the modern sense in the 1960s, has achieved a success rate of 96-98% and recovery times of 2-3 weeks.

Doctor : Dr. Dt. Elif Selin Üçer
Patient : Hasan Parlak
Diagnosis : Missing Tooth

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Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment; It is a treatment method applied to correct and save the tooth that is damaged or inflamed for various reasons such as damage to the core of the tooth, broken or cracked tooth, deep caries. It is the last preferred treatment method because the tooth has lost its vitality as a result of endodontics treatment.

Is the channel number of each tooth different from each other?

The incisor and canine teeth in the anterior region of the mouth usually have 1 root and 1 or 2 channels in it. Small molars on the side of the mouth usually have 2 roots and 2 or 1 canals. Molars in the upper jaw generally have 3 roots and 3 or 4 channels, while molars in the lower jaw have 2 roots and 3 or 4 channels.

Doctor : Dt. Çağla Akyulaf
Patient : Ece Yaman
Diagnosis : Canal Treatment

Composite Filling

They are tooth-colored fillings, also known as white fillings among the people. They are made of composite resin-based material. When they are in paste consistency, they are placed on the teeth and brought to a hard consistency with halogen or LED light sources. They chemically bond to the tooth. It is difficult to distinguish the presence of a well-made composite filling.

Doctor : Dt. Ezgi Erdenol
Patient : Kaan Karabel
Diagnosis : Bonding-broken Teeth

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